about us

Beijing XinDeRuiJia Plastic Co., Ltd. is a traditional adhesives and sealants manufacturing company more than 10 years.

we aim at the high quality for our adhesive and sealant products to meet requirements from all over the world. We are glad to face any challenges and grow with our customers together.

Insistence and concentration are our philosophy, we try our best to do the high quality products and supply best services to our partners for all our Scenery products range, from the primary sealing or secondary glazing applications, or warm edge systems for durably gas tight window and façade glass, to the hot melt dispensing systems & accessories or the automatic dispensers.

Applications and products

The insulating glass is warm protection, noise protection, beautiful and elegant, the superior performance and advantages for the hollow glass has been recognized around the world, has been used in every field. The insulating glass sealant also has become more and more widely used.

XinDeRuiJia Scenery is developing and producing high quality adhesives and sealants for the insulating glass industry and other industry, supply a good solution with water vapor transmission, UV stability and temperature protection and aging resistance, etc.

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