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The insulating glass is warm protection, noise protection, beautiful and elegant, the superior performance and advantages for the hollow glass has been recognized around the world and be used in every field. The insulating glass sealants and adhesives also has become more and more widely used.


XinDeRuiJia Scenery is developing and producing high quality adhesives and sealants for the insulating glass industry and other industry, supply a good solution with water vapor transmission, UV stability, temperature protection and aging resistance, etc.


Today, XDRJ Scenery brand from Beijing China offers a wide range of high performance products for structural bonding and insulation in construction, transportation and industrial applications.

Such as the butyl sealant, hot melt butyl sealant for insulating glass, one or two parts silicone sealants, aluminum spacers to the IG, hollow glass molecular sieves, etc. XDRJ Scenery products, especially our hot melt butyl sealants which can work as the absolutely one barrier for the IG, play consistently and perfectly in this field.