Beijing XinDeRuiJia manufacture and supply the insulating glass Structural (Secondary) Sealant Options

Structural (Secondary) Sealant Options

High quality Adhesives and Sealants /  Scenery offers a wide array of high-quality, user friendly structural IG sealants.  With a product range spanning almost every technology commonly used in IG fabrication, we have the technology leading in the field.

Scenery XD-301/302 are 2-component reactive secondary sealants widely used in the manufacture of high-end wood windows.  XD-301/302 provide exceptional resistance to oils, solvents, and plasticizers and protect against glazing incompatibility. Providing excellent adhesion, improved UV resistance, and good secondary protection against moisture transmission.

Scenery XD-5010/ 15 years, XD-5008/ 20 years, XD-5283 /clear, XD-5015-Weather proof,  XD- 5013-Curtain Wall Weather proof, XD- 503-Clear are 1-component silicone secondary sealants.  Like all silicone sealants, XD-5010/ 15 years, XD-5008/ 20 years, XD-5283 /clear,XD-5015-Weather proof,  XD- 5013-Curtain Wall Weather proof, XD- 503-Clear  provide excellent UV protection, weather resistance, and both low and high temperature performance.

Scenery XD-201 HOT METL SEALANTS AND ADHESIVES are 1-component hot melt butyl structural sealants.  Suitable for single-seal and dual-seal applications, lOW WATER VAPOR TRANSMITTANCE,  no solvent, no smell, harmless to the human body, as a new generation of green products, is currently one of the world's best  materials of insulating glass manufacturing plastic sealants .