BeijingXinDeRuiJia supply the high quality hot melt sealants

Beijing XinDeRuiJia Plastic Co., Ltd. have developed the new hot melt butyl sealants which meet the international standard level, be the leader for research and manufacturing the high quality insulating glass sealing products.

This series of plastic sealants / hot melt sealants for double glazing glass is with 100% solids content, can be used for the first seal of insulating glass, also can be used for the second seal. Made of butyl rubber, synthetic polymers and elastomeric materials, the adhesive is super-adhesive to glass, aluminum and galvanized steel. It is the first in North America to manufacture insulating glass sealants. Beijing XinDeRuiJia Plastics Company also can produce it with a high quality. This product has the following characteristics: High efficiency and low cost in the manufacture of hollow glass Single component, no mixing and proportioning, reduced material waste, ultra-low moisture transmittance (MVTR), lower than the (MVTR) of the polyurethane thermosetting material. It is better than polysilicon, silicone. Without curing requirements, high production efficiency, made of hollow glass can immediately use ultra-low gas through the colloidal rate, excellent ability to maintain the finished product made of argon gas through international standard, and meet the requirements of the most advanced CBA grade.