Touble shooting in the insulating glass finished products

1.      Formation fog or dew in the inner of insulating glass

Reason 1:

As the two parts silicone sealant quality instability, much more low molecular weight content is too high, which due to the insulation glass exposed in the sunlight ultraviolet radiation, the components migration to the inner insulating glass, which lead to fog.


Reason 2:

The first barrier sealing was damaged.


Reason 3:

The four corder connections not sealed well by the butyl sealants.


Reason 4:

Bad quality MSD, release the low molecular weight substances, lead to fog in the insulating glass. We also supply the high quality 3a specialized in the insulating glass molecular sieve desiccant.


2.      Insulating glass blew


If there are a large area of toughened insulating glass blew, that should be the tempered glass quality problems, the other recommended glass grinding as much as possible to eliminate stress and reduce the glass burst.