Trouble shooting in the insulating glass production

Trouble shooting in the insulating glass production

First barrier application:


1.      Butyl rubber extrusion, appear the burr, not smooth

Solving ways:

A.     If using the new machine, should notice that if the gluing hole is smooth, if not smooth, need polish it firstly, than use again.

B.     If using the old machine, should check the temperature sensor, adjust the temperature up every 5℃, till the gluing normal, the gun head temperature should higher 5℃ than the inner rubber cylinder.

2.      Butyl sealant peel to the aluminum and glass

Most conditions because of the low temperature, adjust the temperature to make it work normally, Scenery brand XD-T1, XD-801 butyl sealants can adapt the low temperature and work normally even in 40℃-50℃. Widely used in the north east low temperature in winder of China.

3.      Appear the butyl sealant flowing after finished the secondary sealing

If choose the low quality silicone sealant which make the silicone oil removal out, dissolve the butyl sealant, and make the butyl sealant flowing.

4.      Appear the break and jams, that is because the low quality of butyl sealant which contain impurities. Choose Beijing XinDeRuiJia Scenery brand XD-T1, XD-801 high quality butyl sealant can avoid to meet this kind of questions.


Second barrier for insulating glass:


1.      Lower vulcanization rate

Curing agent is a variable category, appropriate to increase the curing agent content, until appropriate.

2.      Stirring viscosity in winter

It is recommended: appropriate to improve the construction temperature, in principle, the use of temperature not less than 5 °

Second barrier sealing looks non-stick to glass, low strength

Recommendation: If the two components silicone sealants used to meet the standards of the product, there are two reasons for this situation:

A: Curing agent over

B: Stirring uneven.


If you use the product is not up to standard, non-stick to glass, low strength, which is an inevitable phenomenon, should be strictly prohibited non-compliance products. Choose Beijing XinDeRuiJia products, we keep sure the high quality and meet the international standards.