XinDeRuiJia is manufacturing and supplying the Hot Melt Butyl Sealant for Insulating Glass

100% Solid Hot Melt Butyl Sealants for Insulating Glass (IG)

HOT MELT Butyl sealant is a one part polyisobutylene based material, totally solvent free especially formulated for use as the primary seal in double sealed units. PIB allows for minimum water vapor and gas permeation.

The Scenery butyl sealant has excellent adhesion properties to glass and metal spacer systems and can be used together with conventional secondary sealants.
It work for the edge of spacer frame by PIB machine, the sealantcan be removed from glas s without any pollution on glass
Very low moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) and gas permeability rates.
2.The hot melt butyl will retain argon insulating gas and maintain a dry interior unit airspace for decades.
3.Hot melt Butyl able to be used together with most commercially available silicone sealant .
4.Without any smell.


The surfaces to be bonded must be dry, clean and free from dust and grease. Glass surfaces should bethoroughly cleaned by hand or machine with non-i lm forming, low residue etergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean hot water, the P.I.B butyl sealants hall be applied at a temperature between 90 to 150 degree Celsius with butyl hot melt extruder machine, please check with extruder equipment manufacture for optimum equipment settings

Shelf Life:

24 months store in original unopened packaging at temeprature between 10 to 30 Celsius degree.


It is recommended that glazing materials be tested for compatibility.
Touch with any solvent, oil, or plasticizer-containing glazing materials should be avoided