XD-901 Butyl Sealant

Scenery Polyisobutylene Butyl Sealant

Scenery Butyl sealants adopts the imported polyisobutylene as the main raw materials, has the strong adhesive and joint characters to IG and spacer bars, good weathering resistance, can bear high temperature, low moisture vapour and gas transmission rate, comform to the JC/T914-2003 standdard. It is the first barrier for the insulated glass sealing process.

Scenery butyl sealant supply the high quality products and also supply the economical types, supply the sealing solutions for insulating glass, window and door glass, construction first sealing, and other fields, it is the good adhesives to the glass, aluminum, steel, and other gap filling.

XD-901 butyl sealants dimensions: 190*280mm (D*H) not included the package

Working temperature 100-140℃, with good ductility

Low desnsity of 1.05 g/cm³ (GB/T1033-1986)

TGA<=0.44 (JC/T914-2003)

Water vapor transmissivity≤0.18 g/㎡.d(GB/T1037-1988)/(EN1279-4)

Shear strength (aluminum, glass)0.15Mpa(JC/T914-2003)

The surface is not sticky


Scenery XD-901Butyl Rubber Sealant  

After long term developing and research, we improve our butyl rubber sealants consistently to meet the international market demands.

Our XD-901 one part butyl rubber sealant has reach or beyond the international standard, long-lasting durable seals between masonry, steel, glass and many other materials,  can be used widely in construction, insulating glass and other fields for the first step sealing products. The life span reach more than 20 years, even to 30 years.

Butyl Sealants are one component sealants, that are available from Action Adhesives in preformed tapes, pump able release solvents or hot applied solvents. They are widely used for applications such as sealing joints, in curtain wall joints, glazing seals, metal panel joinery, masonry, steel, glass and many other construction materials. They are also popular in the construction industry for sealing chimneys & gutters, and can also be used for cladding & roofing applications. Butyl Sealants provide fantastic flexibility for users & are extremely easy to apply.


Essentially Butyl Sealants are formulated from a mixture of Butyl Rubber & Polisobutylene. They are designed to be extremely flexible & provide excellent weather resistant seals, and can be very easily applied without minimal surface preparation.

Scenery  Butyl Sealants Types:

XD-901, XD-801, XD-802, XD-803 also can meet more different area, different customers’ requirements according to different economy level. The life span reach 15 years or so. Our company butyl sealants products win best reputation in all over our country, and also we can service to the world customers, as our products can face different climates, the gluing temperature from 100-140. Maximum temperature reach 190.

What are the main advantages of Butyl Sealants?

·        Extremely easy to use as they are one component

·        Excellent adhesion to most substrates

·        Very low MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)

·        Excellent Weathering Ability

·        Fantastic Electronic Insulators

·        Adhesion overtime gets stronger and stronger

·        Very Adaptable in dealing with extreme temperatures 


TypeButyl Sealant
UsageInsulating Glass
Density1.05g/cm³   GB/T1033
Solid content100%
Temperature -40 to 150
Extrusion Temperature100 to 145
Operating Temperature -10 to 80
UV IrradiationJC /T 914-2014 Standard
Water vapor transmissivity0.7 g/ m² /day (EN1279-4 standard : <0.8 g/ m² /day)
Shear strength (aluminum, glass)0.152Mpa (JC /T 914 standard : >0.15Mpa)
Changing rate after 168h UV treatment12% (JC /T 914 standard : <20%)
Volatile content0.14 (JC /T 914 standard : <0.75)
Needle penetration 1/10mm,( 25℃)42  (JC /T 914 standard : 35-55)
Needle penetration 1/10mm, (130℃)248 (JC /T 914 standard : 210-330)
Package7kg  ( / Barrel )

Scenery Polyisobutylene Butyl Rubber Sealant XD-801:

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