Automatic Vertical Double Glazing Glass Production Line

Vertical washing machine with its robust structure in stainless steel, is equipped with 3/4 pairs brushes with variable thicknesses from 3-12mm. Independent motors for each brush ensure the reliability of the wash and, in particular, the absence of vibrations. The life and uniformity of brushes are extended by rotating them 180 degrees to achieve uniform wear. Independent stainless steel tanks are provided for washing & rinse section in order to avoid the mixing of dirt and accelerate water filtering and recycling. An automatic shut down the air flow in case of conveyor belt stop. Low-E glass is detected at entry, the front hard brushes are then automatically excluded and washed with another 2/3 pairs Low-E brushes. Thanks to the front and rear stainless steel doors, machine access is easy and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

After the glass come to the reference point the frame locator bar for the front leading edge and the bottom edge are tilting into position automatically. The adjustment shall be controlled by a centrally located adjustment wheel from 0-30mm and automatically adjusted different glass thickness. Back panel of conveyor shall be located visual inspection light so that checking the dirt on the glass surface by passing through.

Plate press box can be assemble and press double or triple glazed IG units. If the first glass comes into the box, the panel suspended suction cup holds the glass and waiting second glass mounted spacer, is positioned and stabilized by means of an air cushion. The movable section automatically brings the first panel onto the second one, pressing them uniformly, automatically adapting pressure according to the size of panels. The press is completely automated and controlled by a PLC. All functions can be operated from a touch screen panel located at the front side of the machine. 


- Controls first brush which in washing & dry machine by sensor and encoder for washing Low-e glass

- Stainless steel body prevents corrosion and guarantees semi-permanent life

- Heater device for preventing freeze

- Apply separately low and high of transfer speed for enhancing productivity

- Uniform pressure capacity regardless with alteration of I/G thickness. (Within ±0.3mm)

- 35 Point Parallel, evenness adjustment function

- Security maintain space (Natural 500)

- Self-diagnosis function by touch Screen

- Stainless steel body prevents corrosion and quarantines semi-permanent life

- Perfect cleaning with 6/8Brushes

- Fast cleaning, low-noise

- Triple Glass available


- Step units

- Gas filling

- Triple glass

Technical Data

Machine size



Glass thickness

4mm-12mm(19mm option)

IG thickness


Minimal glass size

400mm x 250 mm

Maximal glass size

2440 x 3250 mm/ 2000 x 2800mm

Working height

500mm(±25mm) from ground

Cycle time

30sec(1000mm x 1000mm)

Power source

AC380V 3ph 50Hz

Total power


Air pressure



Less than 70dB



Control systems






Schneider or


Touch screen



Servo system



Load conveyor max.

120 kg/lm



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