Insulating glass molecular sieve desiccant

Molecular Sieve Desiccant (MSD) for Insulating Glass

Molecular sieve desiccant for insulating glass (3A) has a strong absorption ability to the water and chemical vapors, but small to the nitrogen and oxygen, safe in the transportation. With hard and smooth surface, no dust in the filling process, good flowing characters, it is welcomed by users widely. Especially MSD provides insulating glass fabricators with superior protection against fogging for a longer lasting unit.


1.      3A molecular sieve is only absorbed water, does not absorb oxygen and nitrogen in the air.

2.      3A molecular sieve is alkaline, PH value of 10.5, no damage to the aluminum frame insulating glass.

3.      The MSD absorbent rate and moisture absorption rate reach 0.04g/s, 20%.

4.      Low levels of dust and excellent flow ability with automatic filling.

5.      MSD is suitable for both cool and warm climates, hydrolysis does not produce smoke, can be used for residential, institutional, and commercial applications.




3A Molecular Sieve (MSD) for insulating glass

Molecular formula

0.67K2O.0.33Na2 O.Al2 O3.2SiO2.4.5H2O

Ball diameter (mm)

0.5-0.85 /1.2-1.6 mm

Standard apertures

3 A

Bulk density (g / l)

740-820  720-800

Granularity pass rate (%)

98.0   98.0

Water adsorption (%)

20     20

Wear Rate (%)/

0.20   0.20

Compressive Strength (N / particle)

14.0   20.0

Adsorption temperature (20ml / 20ml)

40   40

Moisture content %

1.5    1.5

Displacement (ml)

<50      <50

Powder falling degree (NTU)

<30      <30

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