One part Silicone Sealant for transportation vehicles

Scenery Silicone Sealants

Scenery offering of sealants include high-performance two-component and one-part silicone sealants, designed to seal the entire building envelope, and application-specific materials to solve most construction site needs. About our one part silicone sealants also mainly have the sturcture type one part silicone sealant for construction, neutral silicone sealant for caulking and sealing, the mildew and weather proof silicone sealants. 

Structure Silicone Sealants

High-performance Scenery silicone gum or sausage XD-5010, XD- 5008, XD- 5283 are structure sealants, specifically designed for building curtain wall in structural bonding assembly and design. Completely or semi-hided in the glass sash. We also have the clear silicone sealants which suitable for the construction building where need the transparent color. Scenery structural silicone sealants with the characters of easy to use, extrusion anytime, apply to most building materials without adverse reactions or corrosion effect; excellent adhesion: no need primer, form a strong cohesive force with most materials; excellent anti-aging stability; cured after having a high modulus properties, but also carries the interface ± 25% telescopic movement capability.

The difference between structure silicone sealants and neutral silicone sealants are one for strong bonding, the other for the strict sealing:

Neutral weather proof sealing silicone sealants

High-performance Scenery silicone sausage or gum XD-5015, XD- 5013, XD- 503, are neutral cure, specifically designed for curtain wall building, insulating glass in caulking, gap filling and sealing, aluminum, steel, stone materials and other materials joint sealing. It can be easily used in a wide temperature conditions, rain or snow environment. Relying on the moisture in the air solidified into excellent, durable, high modulus, high elastic silicone rubber. Also have the mildew and weather proof silicone sealants which become more and more popular in the market.

Neutral and weather proof silicone sealants with the characters of single component, easy to use, at a temperature in the range of 4 ~ 40 have good extrude ability and thixotropy, can be extruded directly with construction glue gun; neutral curing, widely used in the metal, coated glass and other non-corrosive materials; displacement capacity of 25, for a normal curtain stretching and shear deformation, the product can maintain the same performance, play an effective role in sealing; excellent weather and aging resistance, UV, ozone, water resistance; weather proof, will not be brittle, hardening or cracking at low temperatures of -30 after curing, at + 90 high temperature does not soften, degradation, always maintain good flexibility; excellent adhesive characters, can form a strong bond with most building materials after curing without the use of primer; good compatibility with other neutral silicone rubber. 

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