Primary butyl sealant

The Scenery XinDe-901 primary seal is the first level of sealing and serves as a diffusion barrier for moisture vapour transmission and gas permeation. The butyl used for this purpose seals the spacer width and prevents moisture from entering the insulating glass unit on the one hand and the gas contained in it from escaping on the other hand.

Our polyisobutylene sealants are characterised by an extremely low moisture vapour transmission rate and good gas retention and provide good adhesive properties on glass and spacer bars. All of our butyles do, of course, fulfil the requirements of  CE and ISO14001.

Beijng XinDeRuiJia adopts the advanced formula to produce the higher quality butyl sealants of Scenery XD-901, who also is the leader manufacture in China for the butyl sealants industry. Our products also meet the international standards, now we are looking for distributors from all over the world.

Scenery brand XD-901 butyl sealants is new developed according to the international market demands, the quality is reach or beyond the internatinal industry standards, high quality same as Kommerling, Fenzi, but with China local price. The XD-901 win very good reputation and accepted by the international market as soon as it pushed into the market, as its' high quality and best price! Strone sealing ability, low water transmission, with a density of 1.05 g/cm3, can produce more insulating glasses with minimum butyl sealants quantity but high sealing ability! save insulating glass' production cost and bring more benifits to users! 

Butyl Sealant Flyer

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